A tip for your time with the Lord

What shall we do during this time in the morning? The goal is simply to touch the Lord in His word for nourishment and enjoyment.

How do we do this?  By learning to do one thing – mingle our reading of the Bible with our praying. We can contact the Lord by mingling our reading of the Bible with our prayer. This is why a new word, pray-read, has been used. We are learning to pray-read the Word.

First, begin by spontaneously offering a short prayer to the Lord. ” Lord, I open my entire being to you. “ Then open your Bible and start to read. While you are reading, spontaneously respond to the Lord with what you read.

  • Do not try to pray long sentence prayers or pray for many things, asking the Lord to do something for you.
  • Do not read too many verses, such as a long paragraph or a long section, before praying.
  • Simply respond to the Lord by praying with the words you read.

This way we can quietly talk to Him by responding with what is impressing you as you read the Word.

Remember, He is a real person who likes to hear our voice. We can simply speak to Him as we read in His word. Psalms 116:2. ” Because He has inclined His ear to me, Therefore I shall call upon Him as long as I live.  ”


A Time with the Lord is where we will post tips and hints on how to spend time with the Lord in the morning.